miss minnesota beauty pageant somali finalist

you are a beautiful young lady, however, if you want to participate in beauty contests that lead you to the Miss America pageant, then you should act and dress as an American now if you are participating the Miss Universe pageant and representing a Moslem country your attire would be totally acceptable. NOT in America.

Congrats miss minnesota beauty pageant.She is beautiful with a good, graceful stand as well. & maybe if she will only follow the norms in a beauty somali pageant with her family's consent & all, there's always a possibility of her success. Beauty pageantries have precised rules & restrictions to adhere. I don't think the organizer should change anything to avoid backlash or whatever just to accomodate this pretty young lady. There's a venue for her. Unfortunately, the traditional beauty pageant that we knew & had existed wasn't her right place. Good luck for whatever endeavors she'll be taking in the future.Graet to watch as finalist.

OK if any snowflakes are offended. Get over it and either block me or don't look at the post and turn off the notifications for the post. I won't censor things to avoid offending lil snowflakes. The above description is not my opinion. I included it with the original post. So if it offends you I could care less.

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