call of duty physical sales down

This makes me so happy. I honestly cannot believe it took people this long to clue in that this franchise has been pumping out lazy pieces of crap for the past 8 years. They really stepped in it this year too what with their plan to package their remaster of CoD4 only with Infinite Warfare, and only if you buy the deluxe editions for MORE money. With everyone planning on trading in IW because they never wanted it, they told everyone about a month before release, after everyone had pretty much pre-ordered (stop pre-ordering games people! It's cancer to the industry!) that they NEED the IW disc in order to play CoD4.
Activision doesn't care about making good games. They care about making money, which is why they've cut so many corners to pump out recycled messes every year like clockwork without fixing any of the problems.
You deserve this Call of Duty, for being a complete joke.
Reports say that NPD numbers put Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at less than half of what Black Ops 3 sold its first month. Is this due to external factors outside…

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