donald trump electoral college

Now this is official, I have to say I have never been so ashamed of the way my government has handled an election. They convince uniformed voters that Trump is evil, hire protester to violently attack his rallies and blame it on him....Then after he wins fair and square does everything in their power to take it away...Even hiring people to intimidate and threaten delegates with their lives if they vote for Trump they die.
This is beyond childish, is evil. You learn about sportsmanship in grade school, when you lose. Oh yeah they don't let people lose anymore. When Pennsylvania delegates need an armed deputy to make their vote, it is bad. It is one thing to not like a candidate, it is another to assassinate their ability to do what they were voted in to do. You don't like a law change, but until it is changed, they are the rules we live by.
What I have seen and heard are not only sore losers, but bad leaders in this instance. You gracefully bow out and say the election is over. It is over now. Anyone who doesn't like my post, unfriend me, all negative comments will be hid or deleted. I am not interested. I am now wanting to talk with friends about other issues like my cat, or birds......Or something else.
President-elect Trump on Monday easily racked up the 270 Electoral College votes needed to send him to the White House, despite a last-ditch effort from protesters to influence so-called 'faithless electors.' Some electors did break…

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