hillary clinton putin grudge

Hillary Clinton you are so pathetic! It's always someone else's fault isn't it? What about a total distrust of majority of Americans for you, or the absence of substance in your campaign, lying to us on every issue you were involved with. You learned well from your boss President Obama: for almost 8 years he did nothing by blame President Bush - who wasn't a great president I agree - instead of doing something to really change our lives for the better. Don't mention Obama Care please. I have first hand knowledge of the catastrophic effects it had on hardworking American people. The reason that Trump won wasn't because people loved him (may be a few did), but because people were sick of the two political families, Clinton and Bush, and wanted a real change, not just empty words! I don't know if Trump will accomplish everything he promised, but he is the President-elect and we have to give him at least a chance to prove himself one way or another. Lets remember we are Americans not only on 9/11. The whole world is watching us!

Hillary Clinton said Thursday night that Russian President Vladimir Putin's…

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