megan fox poison ivy rumor

Sorry Megan fox you're beautiful but your acting not so much. I feel bad but I want this to be successful.
Jfc if she was to be casted as Ivy the whole movie would go belly up. She's a shitty actor. And way dried out. Why not just stick a soward through my chest?
Understand that I am fucking dissapointed if this rumor is true and I hope its not. If Megan Fox is circling the role of Poison Ivy and they do cast her as Poison Ivy. It'll just prove once and for all (no way around it) that Warner Brothers doesn't care about the DC heroes other then as a yearly cash cow. I hope that I'm wrong. I'm praying that I'm wrong and the rumor is false.
The casting rumors start circling last night after it was announced that David Ayer had been chosen to direct the Gotham City Sirens film for DC. The movie will…

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