susan olsen homophobic rant

I mentioned this a couple days ago without sharing any links to the actual "story" as it was being peddled by a very biased gay blogger. Now that blogger and his minions are gloating because Susan Olsen has lost her job as a talk radio host because of the incident. She got into a tiff with an openly gay man who criticized her for her support of Donald Trump and she returned the rudeness back to him. Her mistake was using anti gay slurs in her return attack and you know with "political correctness" people will make sure that she never "gets away" with saying what she said.
So she is fired from a talk radio station. A job that is a dime a dozen especially in a modern world where she could easily build her own podcast and if she has any fans who are listeners, they WILL find and follow her wherever she goes. And then there are those chances that another talk radio station will pick her up our of sympathy and support for Susan Olsen's "freedom of speech" or whatever.
Susan Olsen may have lost one job title, but will likely find another with no problem. No damage to her career is done. And I'll just keep the eyeroll going for anyone who simply responds with a "good riddance" or name calling for her losing her job.
What bugs me is nothing happens to the man who attacked her first simply because of a difference in political opinion. But then this world is far from perfect.
Now returning back to not concerning myself about insignificant former child actors and situations where people on two sides shoot off their big mouths.
It just happens that I was watching some old Brady Bunch episodes on ME-TV as I read this story.
Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady on “The Brady Bunch” has been fired from her job as a Los Angeles-based radio DJ after she posted a homophobic rant…

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