will smith collateral beauty

OK if Will doesn't get his Oscar for THIS movie, I quit! The TRAILER shows that he's going to be giving an Oscar worthy performance. They best bring back Chris Rock and they best give him him his way overdue golden man. Jada, find a nice dress honey and get your hair done because this is his year!!! This will be a HARD movie for me to watch but I've seen everything he's done since he was in "West Philadelphia born and raised on the playground is where I spent most of my days". You're welcome for the song being stuck in your head. Yeah I admit I'm a slight fan of the The Fresh Prince. Still would be watching it if we had the satellite bc it was a late night favorite. Rebecca Buie Harvey my BFF and my fool self used to even do "The Carlton" but that was another lifetime ago. Glad there's no video evidence or pics of said dancing. I mean I don't dance! What am I saying? I'm a Southern Baptist! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..... I DON'T DANCE mhmmm... sure... or something like that... only when I'm happy or one of those wiggling songs comes on. Nope not this Southern Baptist. It's them Methodists and all those other sinners like em that dance lol (Pot meet Kettle?)
Will Smith exclusively opens up about filming “Collateral Beauty” while finding out his father had six weeks to live.

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