boycott starbucks

Copied from a comment about this situation:
Oh Starbucks.... I am in shock at your anti American disparaging rhetoric and threat to take some of your American operations to other countries just to stick it to our president. I for one do not agree to have "refugees" from terrorist countries and I hope Trump makes it impossible for you to hire any. Under the same breath, saying that you will hire 10,000 refugees, I wonder, does that mean your hiring process will be bias, anti legal American citizens? I will be returning my verisimo and the optional milk steamer because of your nasty attitude and stance and I will no longer be buying your coffee, as well your comments have compelled me to do my research and find out what companies you're affiliated with, own or in partnership with and let all my family and friends know to boycott. Right now, at this point in time I feel it's more important to get behind your country and President and to heal it from within. #boycottstarbucks#NotMyCoffee Your personal agenda and opinion is disheartening, if anything you should be reaching out to hire U.S. citizens like veterans who need jobs, or training programs for the homeless and facilities for them to live in during training. Taking your stab at trying to be popular by dissing Trump is so passé, how predictable. Instead of trying to down the plane, maybe you should be protecting its current passengers and pilot..... This is one instance I'm glad I save the boxes and wrapping to things just in case.
Politics seeps into coffee cups after statements by Starbucks' CEO.

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