david blaine bullet stunt

No, David Blaine was not seriously injured performing his version of a trick where he catches a bullet in his mouth. He did not 'shoot himself in the head' as the headlines claim. And for the record, he didn't invent the trick, its been done for *centuries* by various magicians. I watched Penn & Teller do their version live in Vegas a few years back, with my wife.
That being said, several magicians *have* died performing this type of trick, and most modern magicians don't feel its worth the risk.
I really enjoy David Blaine's magic (he has a really good TED talk about how he held his breath for 17 minutes) but this was a minor injury while performing a legitimately risky stunt - which the media is turning into a very nice publicity campaign for Blaine.
Folks...this is officially the most asinine thing to do. I dont give a damn about his popularity. Too be in stage and show the world this stunt, not trick, is sinful. Disregard for his own life and teaching kids to do this stunt. There is no magic here. Just a fantasy with death.

MAGICIAN David Blaine is known for his crazy stunts, but he has risked death in his latest trick – which saw him shoot himself in the mouth.

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