emma stone wins la la land

For those who missed this fine piece the first time around, or who have yet to see 'La La Land,' this will give you a glimpse of why the film took the Golden Globes tonight. You might recall that, shortly after it was released, I posted and called it "obviously a labor of love," urging you to go see it. I'm glad the just-beginning awards season is showing this musical the love I feel for it. It's the best original musical (meaning original music, as well as original story) I've seen released on the silver screen in my lifetime. It captures all that made the glory days of Hollywood musicals so classic and lastingly entertaining, but with a lot more parity and reality than any classic Hollywood musical could've gotten away with. Not only does Stone do the same as Gosling, "except backwards and in high heels,"* but her role is that of a fully realized and complex woman fighting for success without needing a man to rescue her, sweep her off into the sunset, or provide a reason for her role to exist. It lacks none of the glamour but all of the sexism of classic Hollywood musicals, and I couldn't love it more.
*thank you, Ann Richards, for making me aware of this line, though I understand it preexisted Richards's use of it. <3

Ryan Gosling is worried about Emma Stone’s Red Bull intake. “I get one per day!” Stone protests. “You’ve already had one,” Gosling counters. “Trust me, this…

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