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You go to hell you murdering bastard Ray Lewis. It's really something when a Black can get away with taking a life and the public doesn't just ignore him and cast him aside like a leper because of that fact. He took a life and think of the family the mother or father or brother or sister or son or daughter, cousin , uncle, i could go on and on not to mention the person who he killed who is now only a box six feet underground full of bones and hair that won't decompose. Same goes for Don King the fight promoter who killed a man with his bare hands and is now a millionaire. They don't like Tom Brady or any other white male athlete that excels in sports. I don't even watch football or basketball for the same reason blacks don't watch hockey or volleyball. I pray Tom Brady wins a fifth Super Bowl Ring so he can stop all this nonsense about who is the best of all time at quarterback he is already in my opinion having won four and been in six and all the records he owns but blacks hate it when you talk about how great he is.
Tom Brady wasn’t the only one who was fed up Saturday night. Brady and the New England Patriots were slugging through their divisional-round playoff game…

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