karen gillan jumanji custome

Anyone who knows me, knows the last thing I am is a prude. lol And when I first saw this picture, I thought nothing of it... I simply thought that all the actors looked good and the girl looked hot. Then, after reading Karen Gillian defend the outfit, it got me thinking...this "plot twist" she's talking about is simply a justification that was likely written into the story as an excuse to have the chick in sexy clothes. It's another example of how women are objectified and their bodies are exploited in the media. And I realized how brainwashed I am. Yes, it's a first world problem, and no, people don't need to be oversensitive and get their panties in a twist over her outfit... At the same time, it IS a big deal because it speaks volumes about the bigger picture. It is the message we continue to send our kids, that a big part of a woman's value is her sex appeal. If it was a lingerie or fashion ad for sexy clothes, that would be different because that's the proper context... this is a kid's movie and the context is different, and it sets a bad example. If she's wearing, as she admits, "kids clothes" and it wasn't for the purpose of the female lead dressing sexy, then surely the child could have had pants that turned into capris, or a long loose shirt that turned into a slight belly top. lol I mean, really...
Jumanji actress Karen Gillan recently spoke about the issue explaining there is a reason behind her outfit and ultimately it will all make sense.

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