Time and time again over the past months I listened to friends, pundits, newscasters, etc. say that we should give Trump a chance, and not jump to a conclusion about his Presidency before his administration is given an opportunity to demonstrate his intent, as if his cabinet appointees did not send a strong enough signal to his intended direction.
The past few days I've heard those words ringing in my ears, and it's become painfully clear that he will match every word of his extreme campaign rhetoric with a stroke of executive pen. I've put in my calls to capitol hill, where phone lines remain flooded with public outcry, but that won't be enough to curb these extreme policies. With decades of progress and precedant at stake, I'm determind to make November 8, 2018 a day of reckoning for Trump, and in the comings years I believe it's imperative that this surge in organizing culminates in electoral victory. Until then, I stand in solidarity with all those who are threatended by this new administration, and my heart goes out to all those reeling in pain and agony over what this man is doing.
More demonstrations are planned at Los Angeles International Airport Sunday after a day of chaos, fear, protests and ultimately some relief over President…

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