reactions jerry rice popeyes chicken commercial

Okay here's my take on this Jerry Rice Popeye's Debacle, Its a bit of on the fence thing for me, I honestly think that it may initially have been a harmless supposed to be funny commercial that was just put together in poor taste, due to the fact of the unsaid and unspoken obvious stereotypes about black people and their love of the fried dead bird, the controversy of it is that it didn't sit well because what was meant to be a way to engage the clients/patrons of popeyes to come back and utilize their services in the food production profession, back fired, management should have consulted marketing and middle managers to do research, polls, and a field test of the commercial before it was put out to the public , the backlash of a harmless or what seems harmless to one and can be racially misconstrued by another body or population people. So Jerry's coonery and I dont mean that in a racist way for coins and harmless laugh backfired and landed the company in hot water... this is where executives should be exercising damage control and address the issue before it tail spins
So Jerry Rice clearly didn't think about what he was doing here.

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