star wars republic game carrie fisher

I'm going to say that if I were an actor, for someone to feel that I was so perfect for a role decades after my death, I would feel honored, and I think that having people believe you to be the best choice for a role long after you're gone is a true testament to outstanding talent. But I believe that in her case, since it was so recent, asking the, remaining (thanks 2016 -_-) family which they would prefer would be the correct and most respectful decision here.
The other thing I want to say is this: I had NO FUCKING IDEA that Tarkin was entirely CGI. I had discussions about how they could have found such a perfect double for the man, at no point did "CGI" come up as a possibility in my brain. I thought current video game cinematics were the bar for CGI being virtually indistinguishable from flesh and blood. I am once again disturbed by technology.
As the recent release of Rogue One has demonstrated, Star Wars is now bigger than any individual actor's life, or death, or dignity therein.

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