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At the risk of wading too deep into the political deadpool, anyone find it amusing that Sean Spicer is regressing to the antics of a spoiled bipolar tween by demanding what the free press should and should not cover, simp because the press reported the unsavory truth?
How does one, in a fit of repressed impotent rage, condemn the press for "lying" (it was a tweet... lol), then turn around and try to refute irrefutable evidence regarding something as petty as inauguration numbers? And further, how does one expect to take him seriously after that?
As someone who is very new to the editorial and photojournalistic game, I admit that I'm equally fascinated and terrified by this kind of casual anger and running off at the mouth by a small, childlike, white, blonde hair, blue eyed embodiment of white privilege. Fascinated that the POTUS trusts this man implicitly with this role, and terrified of the extrapolated implications of what may come for those working in the same field as I am.
Im also terrified at the implied economics of truth, transparency, and the concept of leading bt example coming from this administration, who apparently feel it's perfectly acceptable to kick off a presidency with this kind of a "how dare you report honestly - you should be reporting on what I tell you to report".
That was day 1 and we have 1459 to go. I'm hoping for some tact, testicular fortitude and temperament to reveal itself in Spicer and Priebus. All hope seems to be lost for Conway.
How y'all feeling after that little tantrum yesterday?
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