donald trump 54 billion defense spending

I have held off on political posts for several days...but I've got to say something on this one. This shows just how clueless Trump is when it comes to the military. The Pentagon has constantly denied it is in any kind of depleted state despite Trump's insistence otherwise. We spend more on national defense than the next 14 countries in the world combined as it is now. I can only imagine what the "lower priority" items in the budget are going to be cut to make room for this defense contractor-slush fund. And the reason we "don't win wars anymore" is because we are not fighting wars with nation-states but with organizations that don't surrender just because you take out their main base or their head honcho; though we COULD win these wars simply by turning places like Afghanistan and Syria into parking lots (which we have the ability to do) but it just doesn't seem to be something in our best interest, especially in the judgment of the rest of the world.
The White House is expected to release a 'budget blueprint' Monday afternoon,…

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