milo yiannopoulos cpac

When unknowing friends would share something from Milo, I'd bristle a little and try to dissuade them from using his material as a source.
I gave other reasons: intentionally provoking and such.
But this was another one of the reasons. The reason I never mention it is I wasn't trying to slander his character and make implications beyond what's clear [he's a gossipy news twister who provokes intentionally]
I still think that's the main reason why legitimizing him is not a good idea.
Then I heard he was on Bill Maher and I was sure he was on the road to his own TV show. But he's the kind of person who will go too far "for humor's sake" and while society is eating that up right now, there's more than a few lines he's crossed that's hard to step back from in the establishment of a career.
Is this one of them? Or will this endear him further to his loyal fans?
Time will tell.
Many opposed giving the right-wing provocateur a speaking slot even before seeing his defense of relationships between “younger boys and older men.”

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