milo yiannopoulos pedophilia comments

I would like to thank Simon & Schuster for reconsidering their choice to provide this man with a platform. It was a choice that should not, though, have been made in the first place.
It is disappointing that it was his activation of child sex abuse that caused S&S to revise their offer of a contract when his open association with white supremacist nazi groups and frequent harassment and incitement of harassment of transgender people was just as much a valid reason, but was woefully overlooked. This tacit approval of such by S&S remains deeply troubling.
Rather than simply bring seen as a victory over hated and bigotry, which it is, this should also be something of a reminder to us that we, as a society, have to ensure that people who spout hate and foster bigotry should be held accountable to their actions. They should not be enabled. We must be better than that.
Simon & Schuster pulls forthcoming autobiography, titled Dangerous, for which it had reportedly paid a $250,000 advance

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