The things people do really are annoying AF, 1 yea it's the Super Bowl and because Atlanta is there someone finds it funny to say hahaha mike Vick dead puppy bowl, Vick himself never harmed a dog it was just on his property, 2 Vick isn't even on the falcons team anymore, and 3 Micheal Vick retired as a steeler, so why is it necessary to discredit Vick, the super bowl, and something that he had knowledge of but wasn't taking part in it... Like the fuck, MFs deadass have nothing better to do but to always attempt to throw shade another reason why I'm saying that the patriots are going to win with shit some how even though I hope he falcons crush them 🙄
Super Deluxe is live now — at Michael Vick Field.
3 hrsPhiladelphia, PA
LIVE: the Dead Puppy Bowl! #puppybowl

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