tom perez democrats elect

This is why I am registered as an Independent.
Democrats, in the face of the most furious assault on our republic since its inception, put its tail between its legs and capitulated to money and power in selecting Tom Perez to head the party,
He urged Democrats to begin to "make house calls again". The only house call I want is from a doctor when I am on my death bed. I do not want a pretender who is interested in "the big tent" to be encouraging me to ask "can't we all get along?"
We aren't all getting along. Many of us are getting along better than others. It is this blind-sided, comfortable bourgeois attitude towards democracy that got us in this emergency in the first place.
And make no mistake about it, we are in the cross-hairs of the most hateful person and group of leaders that we will face in our lifetimes. This is who you choose? Oh, by the way, do you want some Ellison with that coffee?
"Despite that prologue, the race was largely free of vitriol. It was so amiable, in fact, that Mr. Perez and Mr. Ellison shared dinner last week at a Washington restaurant. And after the news conference in Atlanta, they were seen exchanging cellphone numbers".
How nice.
Democrats on Saturday chose Tom Perez to lead the party, sparking criticism from progressive organizations who say picking the former labor secretary over the…

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