Artie Lange Arrested on Drug Possession Charges

Comedian Artie Lange paid a visit to the SiriusXM studios on March 8. (Photo: Matthew Eisman/Getty Images)

What is this?  Another drug addled Liberal.  You know it's expected from this guy when your fingers outnumber your brain cells.

On the other hand, drugs should be legalized.  only dumb ass Republicans would disagree.

...But look what he got busted with, Heroin? Sorry Artie but you are a dead man.  Nobody graduates from the school of Heroin.  Keith Richard's is the only one to hold that PhD.

The only true funny thing that has come out of all of this is all of the Liberal hating, as you know, only liberals do drugs.  Nobody from the Red side does.  Even funnier though, is the fact that the biggest drug heads we know have come from the Republican Party. So tone down the rhetoric on the liberal hating.  The real dope heads are running around in your own back yard.

Anyways, who cares!  I say legalize it all.  If he wants to kill himself, then let him.  Let's stop making the underground rich and let the closet druggies out of the closet.  

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