donald trump first address congress

In the president’s speech last night we heard the usual grandiose statements. President Trump said that “dying industries will come roaring back to life.” He said that our crumbling infrastructure will be replaced by roads and bridges “gleaming across our beautiful land.” He said that our “terrible drug epidemic will slow down and ultimately stop.”
We have been hearing this kind of rhetoric and exaggerated promises for a long time. It’s time for there to be real policy — it’s time for him to show the details of his ideas and his plans.
It’s time for him to put up or shut up.
Some of the things he talked about in his speech are downright contradicted by the actions he’s taken in his first weeks in office — with the stroke of his pen, he made it harder for people to save for retirement, made mortgages more expensive for first time homeowners, and instituted a Muslim ban which makes us less safe and betrays our core values as a country.
Donald Trump is hurting the working class people he tried so hard to lure to vote for him. We have work to do. His rhetoric demands our action.
My job in Congress is to check and balance our president and find ways to serve the American people’s true economic and security interests. But all of us have a responsibility to match Donald Trump's rhetoric with our activism. I hope you’ll join me in the coming days ahead.

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