donald trump health care bill

100% Control of Nothing! That's what the pathetic republicans end up with, nothing! I have to disagree with President Trump on this one fact: With both houses plus the White House controlled by republicans they still lost and it wasn't the democrats fault, this time. Our President needs to accept a couple of cold hard facts. First is that POTUS trusted a politician, Paul Ryan in this case, to provided what turned out to be a poor indefensible health care substitute. The second fact is that you, DJ Trump didn't keep your word. You did not attempt to "repeal & replace" the ACA in its entirety but instead allowed those lying politicians to steer you towards a 3-step failure. You have been chosen as President by the people but your still a "political good-ole-boys club outsider" so Mr. President, just keep your word to the people and let us deal with those untrustworthy politicians not marching in step with you.
Weeks of negotiations over American Health Care Act fail to create GOP consensus around replacement bill in stunning defeat for Donald Trump

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