hillary clinton russia intel

The RNC hired a firm to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton but the firm had ties to Russian Intelligence..?
What the hell is happening with the Republican party? Since when are they the Party of Putin? I have seen some shady stuff in politics but I don't understand why this election the Republicans decided to go balls to the wall, using sources and tactics they would rightfully call treason with anyone else.
By all accounts, Hillary Clinton was not a far left anything. She was A moderate, certainly more of a moderate then someone like Bernie Sanders would have been. So why go to such politically damaging and potentially unlawful lengths to beat her?
This whole thing just get uglier and uglier. And I really am now beginning to wonder whether we are looking at a party that would consider an actual coup d'├ętat to stop liberals from running the government. Before, I thought gerrymandering and making it harder for minorities to vote by limiting registration or closing polling places in inner cities, was pretty shady but still fell within the parameters of US politics. At least recent US politics. But this stuff… Collusion with Russia to beat Democrats… That is just a crazy line I never thought would be crossed. And that is what it looks like more and more.
Firm started by ex-CIA officers initially denied probing Democratic presidential candidate.

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