preet bharara federal prosecutor trump

This is such a non-story (as opposed to fake news) but the Alt-left MSM is making it out to be something it's not. US Attorney Preet Bharara is a political appointee of President Obama and and President Trump, especially in this era of leaks by holdovers from the Obama Administration, was entirely within his rights to ask for his resignation and if he didn't, to fire him. This has been the practice of previous administrations, especially the Obama and Clinton Administrations.
Why does the Alt-left MSM have their panties in such a knot? Because it's President Trump who is exercising his authority, not a Democrat president.
Seems pretty simple to me. Who gives a flying eff if the Alt-left media, like CNN calls him a "rock star" prosecutor. It just illustrates just shows far they've lost any sense of objectivity in covering Trump.
Preet Bharara has reached that lofty pantheon of fame where it seems everyone knows him by just his first name.

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