rex tillerson north korea military action

Pray these death-worshiping fools around Trump are paper tigers who won't start a war, but be ready to flood the streets against another really pointless war and support armed service members in opposition to the war. I have a baby face, but I'm old enough to remember the last two times we directly overthrew a country's government. In both instances, the imperialist nation building attempts failed and horrible chaos ensued.
I don't support North Korea's government (or South Korea's for that matter) but it doesn't really seem to me like big nations should get to determine how little nations manage their affairs.
The history of the peninsula makes this saber-rattling even more repugnant. After World War II, the Soviets supported the current Kim's grandfather and tried to reform a devastated and economically backwards society. The US supported our own military dictators in the South with the main agenda of containing the Soviets and China.
We don't really learn anything about the Korean War in school as kids. I grew up watching MASH and only began to start learning things about Korea as an adult. What we did in that war was totally savage. Tactics like "free fire zones" and liberal use of napalm killed 30% of North Korea's population.
After doing that and keeping a gun pointed at a traumatized and backwards North Korea's head since the 50s, we get to decide what weapons they get to have? But it's not okay for North Korea to be upset about what weapons South Korea has? And they have to accept that we have a gun pointed at their head? It's hypocrisy. Even more so when you learn that South Korea was a straight up dictatorship through the 1980s and that their most recent, now disgraced head of state is the daughter of the strongman from the bad old days.
US military action against North Korea is an "option on the table", Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said. Donald Trump's highest-ranking foreign policy…

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