sean spicer donald trump wiretapping

The White House continues to piss on Americans and tell us it's raining. I'm honestly sick to death of this Administration. There is no longer any sense of dignity or integrity within our Government. They are allowing trump to do whatever they want and the GOP filled White House is silent, why? Because they know the nation they are supposed to be working on behalf of disagrees with this bull shit but they don't so they will sit back and make it seem like it's all Trump. If they disagreed with it they could take a stand however everything Trump has tried to do gets passed. They are all to blame, the world is laughing at us and I'm ashamed to say that I'm an American. I don't even like looking at the news anymore because all you see is Trump and his White House full of bs involved in some controversy that eventually just goes away. Press conferences where Sean Spicer lies to Americans over and over again lying to cover the presidents lying ass. I really just can't anymore, I'm sick 😷 😷✋🏾
The White House on Monday walked back a key point of President Donald…

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