day of sun north korea

Trump, Remember This "Every Dogs Has His Day" and even through you have no common sense or common knowledge when it comes to Korea in General let me say this : Just like provoking people like a bully on the play ground there's always that one kid that you just can't bully around like that and believing you're to far away from being hit back just as hard or even worse is just as stupid and foolish. 
You do remember he had a brother that he set up to be poisoned and killed by two ladies in a Airport don't you...Don't worry I do. 
Now I know you love talking to woman while grabbing them by the Pu**y. So just think for once, you all alone and there's this nice looking lady you feel you could get away with talking to her and "BAM" you done grabbed the wrong one and thats that.
But also keep this in mind; just like Ah-Saad has the Blood of many innocent people on his hands so will your's, but your numbers will be extremely unimaginable and your complete downfall.
North Korea put its military might on display during a parade in the heart of Pyongyang while the regime showed off some of its latest arsenal.

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