gonzaga vs south carolina ncaa

Unlike the vast majority of people, I loathe my alma mater, and will cheer anyone who opposes it. As I often find myself doing this time of year. Why? Because when I was there, it sheltered a pederast priest from Louisiana and tried to keep it a secret, until it was caught by the local media. Even now, an accused pederast who is said to have abused native Alaskan boys, and who was my friend when I attended there (and whose friendship I am now suspicious of), is currently employed at Gonzaga in a student-facing job. What about the ones we don't know about? As some Jesuit archdioceses in the northwest were collapsing under the weight of sexual abuse lawsuits, Gonzaga was walled off from Jesuit assets to protect it from seizure, as several Jesuit administrative entities hid behind bankruptcy. It's a Jesuit school by association only. Personally, I think the school should be sold off, with the proceeds placed in a fund for victims of pederast priests throughout the US. There were grab-ass priests in my Jesuit-run high school too, one of whom was given the job of handing out towels to boys coming out of the shower naked after gym. Couldn't they have just put the towels on a shelf? Many of the NW Jesuits bounced between there, Gonzaga, and Seattle University, where I worked for a while, and they all pretty much knew each other. And, in fact, many of the good priests or trainees I knew have long since left the Jesuit order. No Go, Zags.
Gonzaga (37-1) will play the winner of Saturday’s second national semifinal, between North Carolina and Oregon, in Monday’s championship game.

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