jon ossoff georgia special election

Yesterday's special election (what we would call a by-election) in the 6th congressional district of Georgia has produced a very close result, and will go to a runoff election. At last year's election the Republican polled 61.7% to the Democrat's 38.3%. At this election Democrat Jon Ossoff has polled 48%, while four Republicans have polled 50% between them. The Republicans could not agree on a candidate because of factional disputes. The leading Republican, Karen Handel, polled only 20%. So it is quite possible that Ossoff will pick up the extra 2% he needs as a result of Republican abstentionism in the runoff. This would be a massive repudiation of the Trump regime in what is usually a safe Republican district in a Southern state, albeit a fairly wealthy one in the Atlanta suburbs. And this when Trump has only been in office for three months.
Live vote counts: Get up to the minute results from Georgia's special election for the 6th…

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