raytheon defense stocks rise

This is why an elected official's business interests matter. Anyone invested in defense contracting knows, for a fact, that their stock values will increase every time there's war or even a hint of war.
This is why Trump's tax returns matter. This is why his "blind" trust matters. This is why we need to know. Because we need to either know, and do something about it, or decide we don't care when money and mix. And it's not just a few bucks.
Raytheon, maker of the Tomahawk missile, saw stock increases today of almost 1%, which is roughly equal to $375 million dollars. That's a lot of temptation generated by using a few missiles. Each of the guided missile destroyers in last night's attack carries a complement of something like 90 Tomahawk missiles, each made by Raytheon). So we can carry out two more attacks just like last night's without even involving more ships or replenishing supplies.
Shares of Raytheon, which makes the Tomahawk missile used in the Syria air strike by the U.S., were up Friday. Other big defense stocks were outperfoming…

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