tanta blast church

A bomb exploded in a church north of Cairo that was packed with Palm Sunday worshippers, killing at least 21 people and wounding 38 others, officials said.
21 dead in terrorist attack in a church In Egypt in this palmsunday!
This is madness ! 
People we need to stop all extreme religious groups around the world, regarding religion, its brainwashing millions of boys and men to become terrorists ! 
We need to stop defending and normalize this, its getting too far and its effecting all if us.
Stop this brainwashing and these men who preach and lying to people about religion and giving them wrong interpretation of Religion and who teach them barbaric ideologies .
I hope all politics around the world take this matter seriously and close and forbid all extremists religious groups, cause this is causing a world war and will end this world.
please don't normalize or defend it or compare it, cause if you do you are all quilty of killing innocent people ...
Its time to stop it!!
Unconfirmed reports emerge of an additional explosion in Egypt's Alexandria following bomb blast at Tanta church earlier today. Deadly blast..

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