united airlines new policies

Seems like they should never overbook anyway,they know how many seats are on a plane. There is not a airport on every corner and everyone isn't 5 min.away. If I booked a flight from where I live ,I would have too be driven aleast a couple hours before I get there,so if I got dropped off knowing I has to find some family member too take me it costs,and if I've made plans for a pickup when I return.,and I get on the plane for takeoff and you tell me I have too get off because of shotty booking and over crowding then I'm gonna be upset ,especially when I didn't drive myself there ,I'm gonna panic. The Airlines need too get this over booking crap together. I bet if they had too give each passenger that 10,000 bucks for each passenger that has too leave the plane and reshuffle everything, wouldn't be no over booking at all.
Among the changes: United will overbook less and offer more in compensation when it does.

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