8 injured san diego apartment shooting

Wow. This just happened in San Diego.
White male holding a gun and a beer shoots people of color at a pool party at his apartment complex. One dead and seven injured.
Police killed him after he pointed his gun towards them.
I wonder what his motivations were. I guess we can't ask him. Apparently it's an upscale apartment complex, so I'm thinking he was angry to see a big gathering of non-whites at the pool.
Can't even celebrate a birthday in your apartment complex without pissing off some racist white guy. My heart goes out to the victims.
This is awful. And the man should pay for his crime quickly. But did anyone else notice how fast they were to identify him as white? When it's a black, a mex, or a middle eastern person it's always left in doubt.
San Diego police identified the gunman as Peter Selis, 49, who was described as a white male. Police said Selis shot four black women, two black men and one Latino man and another man injured his arm while fleeing the scene. One of the women later died.

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