ariana grande manchester arena explosion

I was going to tell a lovely story about how I helped a depressed young man last night hopefully turn his life around, then I saw the headlines about the Islamic Slaughter of innocent children in Manchester, England. I am only one man who can not fight such evil Human Beings alone, so I will continue to do my best personally to create a better world by helping at the individual level. I wish our governments would stop the immigration of people from such an intolerant culture, but so many people think that by being nice to them they will change. That is not possible with fanatical followers of a violent repressive CULT that under no conditions will accept any other way of life. I wonder how the weeping parents of these murdered children feel about the previous misguided liberal minded British governments now that their offspring have been murdered for an 1300 year old ideology that has done nothing but spread misery and pain in it's wake?

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