chris cornell death

Absolutely gutted about Chris Cornell passing. That doesn't come close to be honest. As you all know, Soundgarden are one of my all time favourite bands, Cornell one of the greatest vocalists there has ever been, and Superunknown is pound for pound my joint favourite album of ALL TIME. I'm just so very glad I got to see them so much, including the 94/95 touring cycle (because old has its perks) and doing Superunknown end to end opening for Sabbath with Faith No More a few years back.
It had been a quiet year on the celeb death front and this has just Lemmy/Bowie'd it for me. I shall be listening to Soundgarden all day ...but that's pretty much any given day. Miserable, awful shit. RIP ...literally, that's a hell of a vocal for the great band in the sky x

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