donald trump muslim leaders speech

I have a few problems with this speech, the first of which (of course) is it came out of this asshole. The second: in the past 5 years there have been 89 "terrorist attacks" in the US. Only 11 were perpetrated by Muslims. Why no speech to Christian leaders? The third: all this bullshit about the help of god, being judged by god, etc. He's talking to Muslims... which god does he mean? He gives two shits about any god. Case and point: he just signed $110 billion dollar arms deal with a people whom he said, during his campaign, hated the US. Ah, yes. Jobs for the masses... building "lots of beautiful military equipment" and making his cronies, who just received a massive fucking tax break, even mo' money mo' money, mo' money! There's more, but I'm feeling queasy.

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