robert mueller russia investigation

This is a good thing. Given the potential seriousness of the allegations involving associates of President Trump having colluded with Russia to sway the election — and now, the appearance that the president, himself, may have worked to scuttle the investigation of such — the American people deserve nothing less than a full, independent, non-partisan investigation.
If these things are true, we deserve to know. If they are not true, the president deserves to be absolutely exonerated.
Robert Mueller is a man of impeccable credentials, and, I believe, a man of good character, who loves his country. If he says there's nothing there, I'll gladly accept that and move on.
lease note, this is NOT intended as a political post. Under these circumstances, I'd be saying the same thing regardless of who was in the Oval Office. This is about restoring faith and trust in a government to which we've given tremendous power.

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