cnn employees resign

Here's an example of the facts emerging through the media - anyway. CNN, and perhaps with bias, reported a potentially negative story on President Trump which was false. Three reporters who resigned afterward from CNN - a news network not exactly on friendly terms with the president - made a mistake. However, The Washington Post, a liberal newspaper which is even more anti-Trump than CNN, correctly exposed the story and the error. This is what I mean about finding the truth and how easy it can be to separate it from "fake news," which is deliberate false reporting designed to slander and deceive, from the occasional mistake made by gung-ho reporters and journalists. This bungling doesn't tarnish my views of CNN, because the vast majority of their reporting is accurate. In fact, CNN issued a retraction of the story with an apology. And how do I know this? Because I found out for myself. And so can you!
If the story is really important, never take just one source's word for it, regardless of the source. Cross-reference. The truth will always emerge. 
Major ramifications for a story gone wrong.

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