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Let's be clear--this is NOT merely "beneath the office" of the Presidency. This is a violent psychosexual attack on women that betrays a deeply disturbed psyche. This is not the first time Trump lashed out at the "blood" of women. You don't need to be a Freudian to understand the unfiltered savagery of his remarks. THAT is why the Dow plunged again--each time we have evidence that we tolerate this kind of unstable leadership, our country is in jeopardy as an economy, as a nation, and as a moral and civil entity. Let me put my literary critic's hat on for a moment and suggest that for Trump the idea of "blood" demonstrates that women are real, and human. He notably prefers silicone as a replacement of other fluids in a woman's body. And while we are at the discussion of effulgences--consider that he hired prostitutes to urinate on the bed where Obama had reportedly slept in during his state visit to Moscow. President's suite in Moscow. Just as Iago betrays his enraged racism and sexism by the aminalistic imagery he conjures, so too, Trump reveals a shocking inner life that needs to be contained either in a criminal or a mental institution.
Trump went after "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski on Thursday morning, prompting a wave of commentary from media pundits and politicians alike.

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