otto warmbier death

As you can probably expect, I have countless thoughts and feelings about this particular subject—probably too many to articulate in a status update. I also have my own theories on why Warmbier was actually detained based upon my experiences, particularly those from the Yanggakdo Hotel.
Alex Rose and I traveled through Koryo Tours. I cannot imagine venturing into this nation with any other company. They are extraordinarily knowledgeable, respectful and professional. Never did we feel as if we were in any sort of danger. It actually seemed as if we had greater freedom than I had expected upon arriving in the country.
I understand this sort of excursion isn't everyone's cup of tea. I'm aware of the 'ethical' concerns raised by DPRK tourism. And I can counter every single one of those concerns with a measured, completely valid argument.
I chose to visit this bizarre place not only out of my proclivity towards somewhat adventurous travel, but because I am fascinated by its isolation and culture, and by the entire Korean Peninsula. How a war and subsequent division has created a real-world Kobayashi Maru.
I've heard all the criticisms, yet the 154,657th "I don't know who would ever go there" read in the comments section still aggregates me. What happened to Otto Warmbier is heartbreaking and inexcusable. But I won't ever regret my decision to travel there.
The U.S. government is considering banning citizens from going to North Korea as tourists.

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