philando castile shooting

Smh. Castile was shot seven times and the officer said he was thinking about his family? What about the child in the car? He didn't make a good judgement to shoot, but if he would've fired once, possibly in the hand, it's better than shooting to kill without a real cause. Who trained him??? Why was he so nervous?
Shouldn't he have asked him to put both hands up, take one and open the door, get out slowly and turn around, retrieve the weapon, then get or let him get the license???
Sterling was shot several times as well at CLOSE range. Two officers on him. . Were they threatened because he was a black heavy guy with gold in his mouth? I can think of so many other ways that could've been handled. One shot wasn't a thought either. No one should not obey orders from an officer or resist arrest, but when you've witnessed so many officers killing blacks via video and have read about it, it makes you want to fight your way through and become aggressive if you know there's not a good chance of you living. Going out with a fight so to speak.
What y'all think? I wasn't going to touch on this, but early this morning, I have so many questions. This could hit close to home without justice being served. #Castile #Sterling #NoJustice
Philando Castile died after being shot by a Minnesota police officer Wednesday night while inside a car with a woman and child, officials said. The incident ...

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