robert mueller rumor

As rumors swirl, I came across this fascinating Politico article from almost a month ago. The strangely intertwined lives and significant events in each career of Jim Comey and Robert Mueller. At the heart of this article is the hospital bed drama involving John Ashcroft (a Missourian and therefore more than usually getting my attention).
Mueller is no "showboat" and so this quote I think significant to consider -
During one of his rare public appearances as FBI director, Robert Mueller laid out his position on the tyranny of the law: “We live in dangerous times, but we are not the first generation of Americans to face threats to our security,” he explained. “Like those before us, we will be judged by future generations on how we react to this crisis. And by that I mean not just whether we win the war on terrorism, because I believe we will, but also whether, as we fight that war, we safeguard for our citizens the very liberties for which we are fighting.”
The two men who could bring down the president have been preparing their entire lives for this moment.

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