uss fitzgerald sailors

The media coverage of this collision really pisses me off. It disrespects the lives of the 7 sailors who died in this incident. I just watched an interview on CNN of some sort of Navy expert. All he talked about was the heroism of the crew and that the merchant vessel made erratic course changes immediately before the collision. Even if that was the case, how can a much more highly maneuverable ship like a destroyer, with radars up the kazoo, not see the other ship coming and avoid it? This didn't occur inside a harbor but in a busy shipping lane.
Remember the Cole incident a few years back where a boat was able to approach it and detonate a huge explosive? That was with a docked ship, not one at sea like this recent incident. What if this merchant ship was a bomb ready to blow our destroyer out of the water? This was gross negligence on the part of this ship's officers but there's no mention of it by the media or the US Navy.
The US Navy said Sunday that "a number" of missing sailors from the USS Fitzgerald were found in flooded berthing compartments.

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