arkansas nightclub shooting

If you have never been in a public (or private area) shooting this is exactly what this shit sounds like.
And this is why i never go anywhere anymore that does not allow concealed carriers.
When your hiding under or behind things and listening to this noise and screams and your praying to god something does not hit you - it is a feeling of pure uselessness. Unlike when you know the people around you are carrying and are shooting back and that you have at least a chance to survive. 
And when the silence hits - the first thing you wonder is if your friends are lying in a pool of blood.
And if they are - believe me - the only thing you will think of for the next 20 years of your life is "if only i could have protected them. If only ...."
So when people say "tale away guns" let me ask you this :
When your hiding with people someplace and this is happening around you and those shots are all the bad guys - who will ALWAYS have guns no matter what because they do NOT CARE ABOUT LAWS - what is your first thought? It will never be - "I am so relieved no one is protecting me while these guys just aim and shoot at us all."
NBC News
5 hrs
Watch the terrifying moment a shooting broke out during a concert at a Little Rock, Arkansas, nightclub, injuring 28 people.

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