camden market fire

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening or Good Night depending on where you are,
In some years, we have repeated disasters' of a certain theme. In recent years, it seemed to be the element of water e.g. tsunamis, flooding, ships crashing, planes landing in rivers etc. Clearly, this year's disasters are linked to the element of Fire. Temperatures are rising. Please make sure that you have fire precautions and safety measures in place. Check your batteries in your smoke alarms, and teach your children fire safety guidelines including escape routes and where to stand. If you plug extension leads, into other extension leads, that is a fire risk!
If attending any big event, pay attention to the fire exits. How often have you gone to a club, cinema etc and saw them and the signs as you walked past, but didn't really pay attention. If you're travelling by public transport, pay attention to the safety instructions. Especially going underground. Ladies, watch out for open candles in public places and long hair. Especially with all the flammable products we put in our hair.
It is not my attention to make you feel paranoid, only to raise your awareness!
Have a safe week!

More than 70 firefighters are battling a fire at London's Camden Lock Market this morning.

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