jeff horn champion

I haven't bought a PPV Event in years, and I used to buy them all. Outcomes like this are partly why. The sport has had all the legitimacy of the WWF forever but, too many fixed fights like this, to may divisions and with two many champions, that nobody has ever heard of have killed this once great sport. I honestly didn't know that the fight was on last night until I Saw the under cards in a bar. I remember when the hype for a championship fight was as big as any other sporting event. But corruption and greed in this organization has taken it's toll on boxing. Last night a really great effort by a challenger should have been the story, but instead it's "oh well it's fixed and a sad commentary of"... bla bla bla. Congratulations "Australian Rocky", you fought well... then your team cheated and got something to hold your pants up.
Round-by-round report: can the Brisbane school teacher cause one of the biggest upsets in Australian boxing history? Find out with DJ Gallo

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