jodie whittaker doctor who

I know there are a lot of people who will be upset that she's a woman, quite frankly, I think if you are upset by this, you are probably the ones who were upset with Peter capaldi being "old" which means that you are probably the ones who didn't have any interest in watching 'classic' who. And I feel sorry for you. The doctor is an ever changing enigma, and Peter capaldi did absolutely wonderfully. He was brilliant and his last two seasons (though mainly the last one) were epic and my overall favourite seasons ever. I've learnt to trust the casting directors since 'new who' started, each actor to take on the mantle of the Doctor has had their own spin and done extremely well. I'm looking forward to Jodie's version of the Doctor ❤️❤️
Actor who rose to fame in Broadchurch is first woman to play the Doctor in BBC drama, replacing Peter Capaldi

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