spicer mini fridge

This is a trivial yet important lesson in how the Trump regime approaches leadership. See a nice widget you'd like? Take it from your staff.
This is the exact opposite of the type of leadership taught in the military, and Sean Spicer serves in the Navy Reserve so he knows it. If you are in charge, you take NOTHING unless your soldiers have everything they need first. If you can't take care of your people and always put their needs first, you lose any right to claim leadership over them.
This type of ethical leadership is a daily commonplace in any rifle platoon in the Army....every 20-something Lieutenant can generally be trusted to do this right....but it is of course completely alien to the Trumpsters.
They will take our fridges - our health care - our democracy - and not give a damn about it. It would not occur to them to think of the peoples' needs.
If they were all on fire I wouldn't waste a bucket of perfectly good rat piss pouring it on them.
The beleaguered Sean Spicer suffered his fair share of woes during his six-month tenure as Trump’s press secretary. One of...

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